Let’s Design Career Success For You.

My Coaching & Consulting work is not about just giving you a great pep-talk. 

to be honest!

Pep-talks are nice, but you’re not here for the fluff -- you’re here to find break-through solutions that help you move the needle with your work. I’m here to give you practical & powerful tools to solve your most important problems and design your most ideal version of your career. 

(Important disclaimer: “networking” doesn’t have to mean you have to socialize in the old boy’s club way, it can mean creating inspiring collaborations with people you genuinely love to be around.) 

We start by leveraging the strengths you already have.


You’re already great at solving problems, testing, and ideating– so now you just need to apply that creative brainpower to your career in the right way. 
That’s where I can help you. 

My Coaching is based on the proven principles of Design Theory – I’m here to help you think outside the box and create entirely new possibilities for yourself. 

Then I’ll help you fill in the crucial missing pieces.


If you’re like most women in STEM, you haven’t had a mentor who has shown you the ropes and helped you figure out your strongest career strategy. 

Success, accolades, and recognition don’t just come from great work – they come from also knowing how to network, advocate for yourself, position yourself for new opportunities, cut through red tape, and create career-changing collaborations! 

How It Works

So let’s start designing your dream career! 

Designing a new future for yourself starts with this deep-dive 90-minute session with me. In this safe, supportive conversation, we will do a thorough inventory of everything related to your career: where you are at right now, where you feel stuck, what’s working for you, and most importantly, where you’d like to go. I’ll help you organize your thoughts, and gain clarity around the vision you’d like to create for your future. 

Once we have clear goals in mind, that’s half the battle. After this intensive, introductory session, I will analyze your information and recommend the best plan of action for you. 



Every new build starts here. 


Includes the 90-minute deep-dive session and a customized written plan. I give you the option to execute the plan yourself, or work with me to support you in achieving your goals. 


Not sure if this is right for you? 
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step two

Get Personalized Support For Your Goals


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*(Cost of the Ground Breaker will be applied to this, payment options will be offered.)

For those who are ready to shoot for the stars. This private Coaching & Consulting package is designed for those who are ready to up-level their career in a significant way, claim their full power as Director and Visionary of their career path, create significant visibility opportunities for their work, and turn the page into a whole new career chapter.  This package is the most intensive and requires the most commitment over 4-7 months.  Specifics will be personalized to your needs. 

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, and want more in-depth private Coaching & Consulting, this package is for you. Perfect for those who want to expand their possibilities, make more accelerated progress, learn to embrace visibility, and move confidently towards bigger career goals.  This package will be a series of sessions over 2-3 months.  Specifics will be personalized to your needs. 

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*(Cost of the Ground Breaker will be applied to this, payment options will be offered). 



If you’re ready to adopt a visionary mindset and start boosting your visibility, this is the perfect package for you. This will give you customized private Coaching & Consulting, which may include resume tightening, interview prep, & salary negotiation over a series of sessions in 1-2 months to help you start getting unstuck and start achieving your goals.  Specifics, which will be gathered during the Ground Breaker, will be personalized to your needs.

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*(Cost of the Ground Breaker will be applied). 

Your first step is always The Ground Breaker.

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