I Know So Much More Is Possible For You.

If you’ve been making break-through discoveries – but haven’t broken through to the next level in your career, I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault. This isn’t a reflection on your level of talent, it’s just an indicator that you need a stronger career strategy. 

If you’re tired of watching other people get the accolades, the promotions, the grants, the exposure, and even the credit for the work you’ve done yourself, this is the perfect moment for you to get unstuck and shoot for the stars!

The main thing I see that holds women back is that often you’re so concerned with being a great researcher and worker, that you forget you’re meant to be the Director of your own career. 

To truly take your career to the next level, you need a fundamental reframe – you need to adopt a visionary mindset. 

So much more is possible for you if you think outside the box of your current constraints.

As a Career Interventionist, I’m not here to repeat the same coaching clichés you’ve heard or give you one-size-fits-all advice. 


My private Coaching & Consulting work is based on the Design Theory Model of innovation, testing, and reformulation – so you get customized solutions to your problems and it’s impossible to stay stuck. 

“Design Thinking is an iterative human-centered design process used to build a product or service. The term ‘Design Thinking’ was coined by David Kelly and popularized by the Standford d.school…”

Design Thinking is an amazing process because it can be applied to any problem, by anyone, and it is constantly creative and changing - much like daily life and work. 

Besides thinking outside the box, I also want more women to understand how to leverage the power of networking and collaboration, so you can create meaningful coalitions to further your mission.


In my years of working as an Executive Director in academia, non-profits, the private sector, and the Federal government, I’ve had unique opportunities to see behind the curtain and discover how big decisions actually get made. 

What this has shown me, is that I want to see more women in those rooms when those big decisions are being made!  You SHOULD have a seat at the table, and a say in the decisions that will have a massive impact on the success of your career. 

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about your future

When you are truly confident in your ability to steer your career like a director, and can handle networking, collaboration, and visibility opportunities like a pro...there is nothing you won’t achieve! 


…And I absolutely do! From the time I was little, I’ve always been interested in the cosmos and the order of things both large and small -- and not much has changed!

I have a bumper sticker that says “I Brake For Interesting Cloud Formations”

A few Fun facts about me

This is one of my favorite quotes, though I can’t resist revising it to be more technically correct: 

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 

A few Fun facts about me

– Norman Vincent Peale. 

“Shoot for the stars. Even if you miss, you might just land on the moon!”

My wine cellar is outgrowing my cellar.

A few Fun facts about me

Chocolate + peanut butter is definitely the best discovery ever.

A few Fun facts about me

Person 1: I knew I recognized you! Where have we met before?
Person 2: Oh did you go to Georgia Tech? No? Are you with (other school)? Not that one either? Okay, what about (other school)? No? 

Oh it was at the McMurdo Station? (Which is in the Antarctic!)

Person 1: Oh that’s exactly where it was! 

This cracked me up! 

This is my favorite eves-dropped conversation of all time at a National Science Board Meeting

A few Fun facts about me

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